Infographic Alert: Marketing’s New World Order

As demonstrated in this infographic by Flowtown, the internet age has created a “certified playground” for the marketing professional. It has completely changed the way people communicate, and especially the way marketers reach consumers.

The “New Marketing Trifecta” consists of email, mobile devices, and social media. Today, 97% of U.S. households use email, while 285 million mobile devices are being used by Americans—92% of the population.

Accordingly, social media use has skyrocketed; 61% of all U.S. households are using social networks. As a result, the majority of marketers are now integrating social media with their email marketing campaigns, reaching consumers in a way that was never before possible—and never before as personal.

Here are some other highlights:

67.6% of companies surveyed offer mobile versions of their websites
– The primary marketing goal of social media efforts is to increase brand awareness
– The most popular social networking site for email marketing is Facebook

Check out the infographic below for more details: