New & Noteworthy: eShakti Lets Shoppers Customize Fashion & Buy

It’s easy to find clothing online – to find clothing anywhere, really – that looks halfway decent and won’t break the bank.


But finding said clothing that meets every single one of your needs is quite another story. An awesome deal on a new dress? Great. But that neckline is just a tad high. Sweet bargain on a set of slacks? Super. But they could be just a teeny bit shorter, couldn’t they?

Men and women alike suffer from this apparel angst. I know because I’ve heard both complain about it. Thankfully, we live in an age where a new online retailer seems to pop up daily, answering our prayers and bowing to our whims.

Enter eShakti, an online retailer that is based on the very idea of customization capability. Women have the chance to design their own clothing to their specific tastes and body types. Women can customize things like necklines, skirt length and sleeve type.

These customization capabilities are offered at $7.50 per garment, and all products range from $39.95 – $199.95. With eShakti’s turnaround time, shoppers can expect to receive their designs within two weeks of ordering.

Now we just have to get to you men out there…