New & Noteworthy: Turns Shoppers into Editors, Social Sellers

When two Aussie mums, Kim Westwood and Liz Tehan, decided they needed a better way to shop online, they realized their own personal brand advocacy, and that of surely many others, could be the answer. Screen shot 2013-07-01 at 10.24.29 AM

They came up with a social shopping concept called SetThat, whereby consumers can explore “sets” of products that have been compiled and curated by other site users. The user’s profile and shopping preferences are drawn upon to create a customized shopping experience. The site also offers financial rewards for building and marketing “sets” through social media channels. Set creators are able to earn up to a two percent commission on items that generate sales as a result of their sets. The two percent is either banked into their PayPal accounts, or donated to charities if they so choose.

Current retailers that have courted Westwood and Tehan for their concept include Bloomingdale’s, Marks and Spencer and John Lewis, according to a company-issued release.

Through the shopping site, sets can be created by anyone for anything, from ranges of gifts for special occasions to interior design for a room to the latest looks from the world’s hottest runways.

“I have always loved the pages of glossy magazines that present a collection of products from different retailers that have been grouped together with a common thread or theme,” said Westwood. “Building sets is a unique way for people to bring to life a sense of style or a passion and share that information and inspiration with others.”

The site provides integration with social media, building on the wisdom of crowds and friends to communicate and aggregate information about online stores, products and brands. Its integration with social media also provides an accessible marketing channel for set creators to share creations with others.