Bumble and bumble Intro’s Gaming App for iOS with Real World Rewards

Bumble and Bumble‘s in-house artist, Lauren Tamaki, has lent her hand to a new app for brand addicts on iPhones and the company is hoping that its foray into mobile will connect with already-engaged customers.

The new app, Bumble and shuffle is a stylish puzzle game that was developed at The House of Bumble in New York City, to encourage already-obsessed Bumble lovers to get even more obsessed. Playing the game gives you rewards in the form of Bb.Tokens, which eventually convert to real rewards, i.e. freebies, on Bumble’s website. The app features signature hand-drawn graphics that emulate the Bumble and bumble aesthetic and invites fans to interact with the brand outside of their daily beauty routine. The most memorable part of the game is Tamaki’s illustrations, inspired by Fashion Week looks created by Bb.Editorial Stylists Jimmy Paul and Laurent Philippon. The Bb.Creative team additionally contributed to the game’s design, copy and music.

Screen shot 2013-04-24 at 9.13.24 AMThe game is divided into three increasingly challenging “worlds,” and players begin in the Bumble and bumble salon, sliding puzzle images to turn overgrown mops of hair into chic bobs and updos before moving on to match up products like the brand’s Surf Spray in the Bb.Product Lab. Eventually, players graduate to Bb.Backstage, where they shift and slide rows of runway hair to align fashion-forward looks.

The game is the first mobile app from Bumble and bumble, a brand interested in expanding engagement opportunities for fans. The app also features a built-in salon locator tool to aid players on where to find products and services.

Bumble and bumble’s app is a strong example of a brand with a cult following capitalizing on the opportunity to captivate fans in non-traditional channels. While Bumble and bumble salons do not exist everywhere, the brand’s products are widely available and typically, those who use them use only them and are eager to brag about them.