Congrats to eTail’s Best-in-Class! And the Winners Are…

We’re in the final hours of our eTail West 2013 event, and we’re happy to share with you the winners of our third annual eTail Best-in-Class Awards. Without further adieu…

eTail 2013 Best-in-Class Awards

Search Marketing: Lenovo
Email Marketing: Chaparral Motorsports
Social Media:
Mobile Marketing: Walmart

Biggest congrats to our 2013 winners for deploying some awesome campaigns this year!

The awards luncheon, sponsored by Domo, was a full-house – a full house unawares of what would be in store (aside from the awards announcement). Domo surprised the crowd by playing an audience participation, rock, paper, scissors game – the winner of which would win an all-expenses trip to Dubai including a five-night stay in the world’s only seven-star hotel, the Burj al Arab. Instead of saying the traditional rock, paper, scissors, the crowd was asked to shout, “Domo rocks!” as they threw down their hand.

Check out a snapshot of what this looked like:

Losers had to sit down while winners continued to play with new partners each time until there were only a few people left. Finally there were only two, and then, the winner, the very lucky Mike Bibbey, Senior Director of Ecommerce, Fanatic Retail Group:

Congrats again to our winners and to Mike – if you need a partner on your Dubai trip we are available!