10 Easy Innovation Tips for a Big Return via Guitar Center/Malabar Hill

Everyone loves to see results fast, especially when the results will make you more money.

Kirit Sarvaiya, CEO at Malabar Hill Ventures and the former Head of Enterprise Content & Community at Guitar Center, gave his top 10 tips for bumping up your company’s earnings without having to wait too long during a presentation here at eTail West 2013. A lot of his tips involve some of his favorite vendor companies, but don’t forget to check out the rest, especially if you’re here at eTail. MP900321177

10. Olapic – a service that helps you to get your customer photos up on your product pages

9. PowerReviews (Bazaarvoice) – helps to use your customer product reviews to drive traffic to your website

8. Warranties – adding warranties to pages is almost effortless but will ultimately make a difference

7. Bongo International – a service that makes sure that shipping isn’t holding you back

6. Longboard Media – works with your website to provide advertisements on your site that will compliment your products, not compete.

5. 5th Finger – helps you to implement one website across all devices

4. Lithium Technologies – helps to create a community on your website to help your customer answer each others questions

3. eBay Group Gifts – by adding a link to your site you can enable group gifting with out losing a large amount of money

2. TurnTo Networks – gets your customers to answer questions about your products for possible new customers

1. Arro App – weeds through reviews for customers and shows the, the products that they want to see based on the individual’s criteria