Infographic Alert: Text Me, Maybe

Props to any tech company that uses an infectious pop song to get my attention. Guess what: it works.

Leads360 has created an infographic about how to use text messages to win love, leads and revenue. It’s got a bit of Valentine’s Day flavor for all of you getting in the mood, but it’s relevant regardless. And with a title harkening back to the Carly Rae Jepsen hit, Call Me Maybe, (as much as I simultaneously love and hate it) I just couldn’t resist.

The graphic compares the text etiquette rules between a dating relationship, and a sales/marketing business relationship, with some interesting highlights emerging like:

– Leads who were sent 3 or more text messages after initial contact are 328% more likely to convert.
– In dating, 67% of people have sent a love note via text message – how cute. In marketing – only 36% have sent their messaging out via text. Marketing miss?
SMS marketing has a 45% response rate while email marketing have a 6% response rate.
Marketing messages through SMS have a 98% open rate, while marketing emails have a 20% open rate.

Check out the infographic below, including some tips for how to make your SMS marketing effective:

Leads360 Text Messaging