TEMPTU Launches New ECommerce with Enhanced Customer Service & Airbrush Education

Those of you who know me know I am a woman of many interests/talents…one of them being makeup artistry. That’s right, apart from writing about ecommerce, doing the whole reporter/content strategist thing for WBR, I dabble in makeup and even do a wedding or two here and there (shameless self-promotion if you’ve got friends…) Ok, sorry, I have a point, I swear.

TEMPTU eCommerce site redesign with GET THE LOOK and LEARN section. (PRNewsFoto/TEMPTU, Inc.)

TEMPTU eCommerce site redesign with GET THE LOOK and LEARN section. (PRNewsFoto/TEMPTU, Inc.)

Given this fun little factoid, you can imagine my excitement when I learned that one of the most pro-artist respected brands, TEMPTU, was finally launching a new ecommerce site. And not only that, it was launching a really, really good, comprehensive, awesome-looking and feeling one-woohoo!

Temptu is mostly known for airbrush makeup, the kind of makeup application that you typically see in movies or beauty pageants, where liquid makeup is applied through a sprayer that evenly coats skin giving it the appearance of perfection – particularly in photographs or on camera. In recent years, that kind of makeup has been getting more popular among consumers who are looking for a perfect, long-lasting makeup look at big events likes weddings. Women interested in makeup (not just pro artists, but the really loyal makeup enthusiasts) now want to learn how to use an airbrush machine, rather than hiring an artist who can charge upwards of $500 for a one-time application. Temptu started selling its kit at Sephora stores a few years ago, and the brand really started to take off and become a known name among makeup lovers.

The new Temptu.com site is an interactive community where makeup enthusiasts and everyday women can shop and learn while getting behind-the-scenes beauty tips, tricks and trends. The redesigned product pages include product videos, customer reviews, and shade finders that make it easier to shop products and experience color.

Also new is the “GET THE LOOK” section, which features step-by-step instructions paired with products and pro-tips for the latest beauty trends from the runway, film and television, and fresh off the street.

Perhaps the most distinguishing factor is the new “LEARN” section, where users can take advantage of Temptu’s long-standing history of teaching makeup pro’s how to apply airbrush makeup. Customers now have access to that same education through step-by-step videos, as well as information about workshops and events. The Section also has an “ASK OUR PRO” feature, where consumers can interface directly with Temptu pro artists in real time.

The new site also does well to incorporate social media, with an updated Twitter feed and a redesigned Temptu blog to give consumers a sneak peek into the backstage areas where Temptu artists make up celebrities in film and fashion, at tradeshows, and everywhere else the brand’s artists go.

The brand also has big plans for future e-expansion as the site will launch a Loyalty Rewards Program, a Refer a Friend Program an auto-replenishment program and online classes.