A Shortcut to Finding Tweetables: Save Publishing, Tweet Everything

Do you ever look at your to-do list for the day, and as you scan the array of tasks, the one that makes you cringe is the: “Make sure to Tweet at least 10 times today” one?

Didn’t seem so hard when you set out to do it, right? But suddenly, when it’s time to actually Tweet away, you find yourself scrambling to fill out your account with interesting, yet witty and brand-appropriate things to say. Screen shot 2013-02-06 at 4.41.10 PM

Sure, some brands don’t have such troubles as their already-established and loved Twitter personas are such well-oiled machines that they seem to work on their own; immediately translating the funny, informative thought streams of their account holders’ brains into smart, 140 character tidbits of amazing-ness.

For the rest of us, there is a solution to our woes.

Paul Ford has created a tool that helps all of us Twitter-sufferers easily get tweets from any content, anywhere, anytime, without really thinking. After all the OTHER thinking we must do all day, sometimes that’s just what the doctor ordered: an almost mindless task.

The SavePublishing bookmarklet, when clicked, greys out everything in an article except for the passages that are pithy enough for the Twitter universe to gobble up. Those sentences are highlighted in red, and clicking on any of them creates a tweet with the quote and a link auto-inserted. It decides what sentences are “tweetable” by checking their length, and nothing more.

Ford isn’t getting too excited about his app – he takes a rather realistic approach and realizes that it’s not the most admirable thing to advocate for such simplistic means of social sharing…but it seems to be working.

“It seemed like such a bad idea, and yet I decided I needed to build it and see what happened,” he told Co.Design. “A friend described it as ‘turning Twitter into Pinterest for sentences’ … I don’t think he was praising it, by the way.”

“Links and URLs are social, but the content you see on a web page is often hard to share,” he continued. “People who like to share what they’re reading are looking at this material in a very different way from the publisher. They’re looking to cut it and paste it.”

Yes, we marketers would agree: we want to grab the best part of the content and share that, not just the headline, and that’s exactly what SavePublishing makes easy.