Infographic Alert: What are People Really Afraid of when it comes to ECommerce?

This is an older infographic that I randomly came across today – but I thought: how interesting it would be to see where public sentiment was back in 2010 versus today.

My first reaction to some of these “fears” was, “Really?! People think that??” For instance:

– People think it’s not a “real” store.

Perhaps a few years ago it was hard to tell, but I’d be so bold as to say that today, pretty much any and all respectable online retail outlets look like real stores. If it doesn’t look real, it probably isn’t. Right?


– If I don’t like it, I’ll be stuck with it.

I don’t know about you guys, but big guys like Amazon have made me believe the opposite. If I don’t like it, not only will I be able to return it, but you better make it easy for me to do so, and you should pay my return shipping to boot.

Here are some more highlights from the graphic:

44% of consumers making less than $25K annually say they don’t like giving their credit card number or personal information online.
– When that income goes up to greater than $100K, only 25% say they don’t feel comfortable giving their credit card or personal info online.
– On the same token, only 22% of consumers making more than $100K annually say they need to see something before they buy it.

I’d love to see where these numbers are today. Hey Site Jabber, how about another one for us, 2013 style? Check out their graphic here: