Infographic Alert: Customer Experience Part II – Hurdles & KPI’s

Back in October, Halloween to be exacte, I posted the first part of our NextGeneration Customer Experience infographic. It’s about that time to post part two.

I put together some data from the survey that we conducted at the 2012 event about where companies stand with this whole customer experience thing. (While customer service is certainly nothing new, there’s definitely been an increased focus in recent years on delivering not just a good, but an outstanding customer experience.)

The survey was also turned into a pretty great benchmarking report, which you can download here. In the meantime, we have a few infographics which we created from the data, and here’s the second. And per usual, the highlights:

30% of the brand representatives surveyed said their biggest obstacle for advancing customer experience efforts was internal resources.
22% said lack of strategy was what hindered customer experience development.
62% of respondents said that customer experience executives’ KPI’s were satisfaction based.

Check out the graphic below:

NEX GEN Infographic 2