Infographic Alert: Top Social Internet Retailers (Out of the 2012 Woodwork)

Happy Monday all!

In sorting through materials for my upcoming Pinterest post (which I’m totally psyched about given the submissions so far – keep em coming guys there’s still time!), I happened upon a few older infographics that still felt current and that I hadn’t yet explored. So here we are with an infographic from Campalyst on the Top 250 Internet Retailers on Social Media. How did I miss this one?! Only catch is, they don’t tell you who those retailers are (they assume you know as a subscriber to Internet Retailer), but they do mention a few of them like Apple, Victoria’s Secret and Urban Outfitters.

A few of the statistical highlights, naturally:

97% of these top retailers are present on Facebook, 61% of them on Pinterest.
– The average number of followers these folks have on Twitter is 57,097.
Computers and electronics top the list for those types of industries followed most on Google+.

Here’s the graphic for your viewing pleasure: