Infographic Alert: November 2012 E-Commerce Learnings

Akamai has a very cute and handy infographic for us that talks about shopping from early November through Thanksgiving weekend and Cyber Monday this year.

You’re probably over the whole November shopping thing by now, given that there’s only a few days before Christmas and all. But when you come back from whatever break you manage to take come the end of the year, the time to plan for next year’s holiday marketing efforts will be sooner than you think. So if you can’t deal with anymore Black Friday/Cyber Monday numbers, just file this one away for next year – but don’t forget about it.

Here are the highlights:

– There was a 120% increase in online purchase activity on November 4th this year, as compared to October’s average.
– Around November 10th, social referral rates were measured to have grown 40%.
– At 10 p.m. on Thanksgiving night, there were 7.6 million page views per minute to retail sites. At 9 p.m. on Cyber Monday, there were 8.6 million page views per minute.

Check out the rest of the graphic here.