Infographic Alert: The 5 Most Influential Online Holiday Shoppers

Maxymiser, Inc., a multi-variate testing provider for online retailers, has compiled a handy little (actually it’s quite a big one) infographic about the types of holiday shoppers who are influencing the online retail environment this season. They are setting the stage for a shopping environment that is these things:

– Affordable
– Safe
– Touchy-Feely
– Inspired
– Social
– Quick

The infographic points out that this holiday season, shoppers plan to spend between $92 and $96 billion online, which amounts to $421 per customer and 12% more online shoppers than last year. Other highlights from the graphic:

– In 2011, there were 81 million Black Friday shoppers and 123 million Cyber Monday shoppers.
– Of Millennial shoppers, 45% say they’ll prioritize brands that are on sale over their “preferred brands.”
78% of bargain hunting shoppers expect at least half their purchases to be discounted items.
– Of the “touchy-feely” shoppers, who are interested in touching and trying things in real-life, 41% say they buy several sizes of the same piece of clothing online and send back the ones that don’t work.
– The “needs-inspiration” shopper, who, like artists, need a good muse, tend to say they notice product recommendations under headings like, “You might also like this,” and “Recommended for you.” (73% say this anyway.)

Check out the (very long) infographic here (give yourself a few solid minutes to pour through all the stats – there’s good stuff in there):