Infographic Alert: Blue vs. Red State Ecommerce Spending…Does it Matter?

So even though we are not here to be political AT ALL, we can’t help but love this infographic by Monetate. It analyzes ecommerce spending in red (Republican) and blue (Democrat) states and some of the trends are surprising, some are to be expected. This will probably not affect your decision tomorrow one way or the other – and we don’t mean it to – but take a look below and think about it in your marketing campaign once the votes are tallied and the final verdict is in tomorrow night.

Here’s some highlights:

– Of the the Top 5 states driving website traffic from iPhones, 3 of them are red states
– Undecided voters are less likely to shop on iPhones, whilt the market share of consumers shopping on Android phones is consistent across the country
– More red states than blue states use PC’s, more blue states than red states use MAC’s

What does it all mean? Who knows! In fact, oftentimes the percentages and average order values and devices used are so darn similar we think it doesn’t matter. But who cares – it’s fun to look at the day before, and the day after tomorrow. Here you go: