East Coast Recovers from Sandy – Photo Roundup & Some Thoughts

Yes, this is an online retail blog. Yes, we’re focused on digital marketing for retailers. But I am a journalist by trade, and I live in New York City. As such, I can’t ignore the opportunity to comment on what has been one of the worst weather events I’ve so far experienced and simultaneously (and thankfully) been safe amid. I have remained relatively unaffected. My power has not gone out, my building is not flooded (at least not to my knowledge). I have plenty of food and water and heat.

My city, on the other hand, is a royal mess.

New York City is easily one strongest powerhouses when it comes to world cities. It doesn’t give up or back down from any challenge. It laughs at risk and welcomes those who laugh with it. Hurricane Sandy forced the Big Apple to retreat.

Transportation systems were smartly shut down more than a day before the real havoc was upon us. Now, we don’t know how long it will be before they’re operating again. Mayors across the tri-state area have declared this one of the worst weather events they’ve ever witnessed, and the MTA chairman (for those of you outside the area, that’s the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, which is essentially the lifeblood of our city) said it’s the worst storm the system has had to endure in its 108 year history.

All that said, this still is the city that never sleeps, and never backs down. Even as many sit without power and still more are unable to get to work, equally as many are sitting at home working away from their Internet-enabled personal computers (myself of course included). New Yorkers don’t back down from a challenge – they simply find a way around it. In addition,  people’s outpouring of support on Facebook – throwing open doors to those in need of electricity, volunteering at local shelters and simply expressing condolences –  is a heartwarming testament to the residents of our great city.

I have contacted several retailers for comment on how such events affect business and what they teach us about the importance of effective and operational digital channels as well as preparedness. I await reply and hope to bring you their comments soon. In the meantime, have a look at some of the most striking photos I’ve seen thus far surrounding the hurricane and its wake.

Breezy Point Queens – AP

Boarded up Saks in NYC – NY Mag

FDR Drive, Manhattan – @Kristengwynne

Lower East Side, Manhattan – JesseandGreg (Instagram)

74th Street and Lexington Ave., Manhattan

Carousel in Dumbo, Brooklyn – Ana Andjelic Refinery29

Cape May, NJ – NY Mag

Lindenhurst, Long Island – NY Mag

Chanel store in NYC – Dana Conroy, Refinery29

MetroNorth railroad – MTA