How Luxury Brands can Reach Online Shoppers in China

China is both a huge opportunity and an enigma to many online retailers.

Particularly in the luxury space, retailers and big luxury brands have been expanding rapidly in the region. But with expansion comes a host of problems like how to accept payments, logistics of shipping, how to design websites to meet the needs/desires of Chinese consumers. The list goes on.

Our friends at CDNetworks put together a presentation about how to achieve success in China, and we’re happy to share it with you here.

In short, they lay the groundwork for us, telling us how China has 500 million Internet users and that’s still only 40% of the population. The company’s studies predict that China will become the world’s largest luxury goods market at $27 Billion by 2015.

Lots more of their findings can be seen in this doc – so download it here if China is of interest to your biz. Sounds like if it’s not yet, it will be soon.