Infographic Alert: How Employees can be your Best Biz Builders & Recruiters

Big news for some, old news for others: your current employees can be your best or worst nightmare when it comes time to recruit newbies to your firm or to evaluate customer satisfaction.

With the holiday season officially upon us, many of you retailers out there will be looking to stock up on some extra temp staff, and the best thing you can do to get there, and get the right folks, is to empower your current employees to spread the good word about your biz. They’ll do so whether they realize it or not by simply being happy campers when customers are in store.

The below infographic from Milo shows how shoppers view their in-store experience based on the staff serving them. Unengaged or unavailable employees hurt your business more than you might have thought, so do the best you can to bring the right people in, keep them happy and help them spread your brand’s good word. Here are a few of the graphic’s highlights:

76% of shoppers said they would walk out or buy less if an associate was not available to help them in the store
More than 50% of North American shoppers feel that employees are not genuinely interested in serving them.
One in three shoppers consider highly knowledgeable and well-trained associates to be the single most important element when purchasing a luxury product.

See the rest in the graphic here!