Infographic Alert: Catalogs & Tablets Go Hand-in-Hand

A San Francisco based startup, called CoffeeTable, is investing its time, energy and dollars into bringing a better understanding to the emerging world of tablets, and bringing the best of our favorite catalogs to said devices. The company thinks that presenting catalogs on tablets is one of the biggest opportunities for the modern, multi-channel retailer. The stats back them up. With more than 40% of households expected to own a tablet by the end of the year, couch commerce has certainly emerged as a fast growing consumer purchasing trend. The tablet app company launched the first of its quarterly Couch Commerce Indexes at the end of August, to track consumer engagement with tablets. Here, we bring you a snippet in this handy infographic.

A few points to note:

– tablets are increasing penetration in the US market with an annual growth of 32%
– by 2015, there should be around 139 million tablets being used
52% of people are using tablets to check pricing on products

See the graphic below.