Neulo Launches in the US, Celebrating Fashion Weeks & Cell Phone Photos

On the heels of New York Fashion Week and the start of London’s version kicking off, neulo has launched a 6-week design competition that embraces the creativity of fashion-forward digital lovers who are iPhone camera obsessed.

Neulo, an ecommerce platform dedicated to promoting and exposing independent fashion, has partnered with photo app company Hipstamatic, for Foto 2 Fashion, a contest that encourages consumers to snap inspirational photos and turn them into fashion. During the last week of the competition, fashion enthusiasts can vote for their favorite designs through social media channels. Winners’ designs will become part of the Foto 2 Fashion collection, exclusively available for sale on nelou.

“The iPhone, paired with apps like Hipstamatic, has become the modern camera of choice for so many creative people,” said Regine Harr, CEO and Co-Founder, nelou. “We think it’s only natural that today’s independent fashion designers celebrate this new trend in their work, and we’re excited to see the final Foto 2 Fashion nelou collection, based on Hipstamatic photographs.”

Nelou has added 350 new designers in the last six months (with 500 total), and is officially launching in the US through this contest. Nelou currently has designers in more than 30 countries including Australia, South Africa and Israel.

Similar to the popular, Facebook-acquired Instagram, Hipstamatic is a photography company that encourages its community to use photography as a gateway to creativity.