Infographic Alert: Should Customer Service Use Text Messaging?

Text messages are a tricky business when it comes to marketing. Do we want to be in our customers’ faces with such a personal form of communication? Well, yes. But do we want them to hate us and think we’re too, for lack of a better term, in their face? Heck no.

It’s a fine line we must walk when employing SMS marketing strategies. Surely though, it’s a channel we should all be paying attention to because it will not continue to be ignored by retailers, and you don’t want to be the last one on the boat.

The below infographic, from DemandForce, has a good suggestion for how we might be able to find that marketing sweet spot via SMS: customer service. Here’s a few bullet points we found useful:

91% of cell phone owners keep their phones within three feet of themselves, at all times.
One in three cell phone owners PREFER text messages to traditional voice calls.
– When using SMS for customer service, remember that it’s not cutesy to pretend you’re on Gossip Girl and abbreviate everything. Be who your company is, no matter what the channel.
– Keep messages short and quick – and respond immediately. That’s the way consumers use text messaging so you should follow suit.

There’s lots more interesting tidbits and a few helpful tips and tricks in this fun graphic below. Enjoy!