The Very Best Tweets from eTail Boston 2012!

‏These days, some of the best summaries of the learnings you get from an info-packed, four-day conference, can be found in the magical land of Twitter.

Why? Because people are always compelled to post facts, quotes and statistics in 140 character form. When you’ve got little space to fill, you want to pack a lotta’ punch.

Check out some of the tweets below from the eTail Boston 2012 show that just wrapped yesterday. You’ll get some good snippets, some of which are informative, some make you think and some just make you laugh (especially if you were there and can remember the joke).

@etsy’s top landing pages for acquisition? Not the home page! It’s actually product pages, shop pages, and check-out #etailboston

Indeed! RT @chief_marketer #Omnichannel was the buzzword at #etailboston. How are u handling mulitchannel attribution?

Roughly 77% of US smartphone owners use mobile shopping apps-@pandora keynote speaker, Kim Luegers #etailboston

RT @fa_filip: #eTailBoston 2012: Final thought: Consistency and Relevancy are critical for a Multi & Omni channel approach.

25% of #mobile shoppers search for coupons during the shopping experience. @totalbeauty @tellnation #etailboston

Branding is a function of the value customers get from your services platform – @Avis #etailboston

@musicnotes Giant search box on home page, driven by testing. Not brand-sexy but the right thing. Hells yeah. #etailboston

Took AOL 9 years to reach 1 million users, took Facebook 9 months, took Draw Something 9 days-Pace of change is accelerating #etailboston

RT @cmbethnegus: “Your desk is a horrible place to get perspective. Get out and talk to your customers.” – @FinishLine #etailboston

88% of CEOs surveyed report #1 priority was getting closer to their customer over next 5 years @maxymiser #etailboston

“You know the open rate of your emails, but the open rate on a cardboard box is pretty good.” quips @bob_k #etailboston

#etailboston @bob_k says he wants @Delta to be a “love brand.” What brands do you irrationally love? Diet Coke and Target for me too Bob.

@Bob_K says you only have space in their heads for 5 “Love Brands,” and wants to make @Delta a love brand. #etailboston

#eTailBoston 2012: Listen to your customers. Listen to your customers. PLEASE, listen to your customers. #CMO #retail #eCommerce @Orckestra

A good mobile strategy needs APIs. Fact, you can’t have mobile tech w/out APIs!

The Top 100 Facebook pages reach a “max” of 16% of their fans per week if they post 5 days a week @socialannex #etailboston

The only place I can talk to customers every single day is social. How can u put a price on being front of mind daily? @Express #etailboston

“Social media is a conversation. Not a monologue.” @ExpressLisaG #etailboston

Consumers are willing to share information if, in return, they’ll be treated differently (better?) because of it. #etailbostonsocial

“If you think people are dumb you’ll spend a lifetime doing dumb work.” @Stussy. Couldn’t. Be. Truer. #etailbostonsocial

Key is having people on that end to actually answer questions and engage when people want to @HiltonHotels #etailbostonsocial

Are the “big 3” still FB, Twitter & YouTube? I beg to argue that Pinterest has more influence on consumers than YouTube. #eTailBostonSocial

“I have passed on employees that have the technical acumen to do the job but don’t have the cultural fit.” @DSWKelly #etailboston

And there’s the gem: loyalty program @JetBlue is connective tissue to link cross device activity. ROI of #etailboston. Check.