NYC’s Got the Most iPad Shoppers – No Surprise There!

Perhaps I take for granted that I live in New York City and not everyone else living in this crazy time of online retail does too. I forget that not everyone goes to Starbucks every morning and sees people on their iPads at booths and tables. Not everyone walks through Bryant Park everyday to see people scattered about the various small tables with their iPads out. Not everyone rides the subway everyday to see passengers reading books, playing games and writing notes on their iPads.

So yes, perhaps this flood of iPads daily has lead me to believe that everywhere is like this. Of course it’s not the case, but like with everything else in the world, cities lead the way for trends, whether they be in fashion, business or technology.

And so it is that my very own Big Apple is, of course, leading the way for iPad shopping. Followed by Chicago and Houston, according to an article from Mashable. They also shared along with this news an infographic from Catalog Spree which I’ve re-posted here. Some highlights worth noting:

– Approximately 1/3 of all 25 to 44-year-olds will use a tablet in 2012
– The average order value placed on an iPad is $123, the average order value placed on computers is $102
– Sales of tablets will grow 13 times faster than sales of PC’s

Check out the rest of the stats…

in this online retail Which city drives the most iPad shopping traffic? New York, followed by Chicago and Houston.

Take a look at the infographic below, compiled by Catalog Spree, which breaks down the shopping details even further.

Do you shop using your mobile device or iPad? Do you prefer mobile shopping to brick and mortar?