Infographic time: Social Sharing & ECommerce

In searching through some old emails, I came across this infographic which I received months back but when I looked it over realized, it’s totally timely!

This graphic, from Monetate, is all about how logins and social sharing can affect ecommerce. Here are some facts it highlights that caught my eye:

80% of US social network users prefer to connect with brands through Facebook
2 out of every 5 consumers prefer social logins over creating a new/guest account (you know when you go to a new site and it asks you if you’d like to sign in through Facebook – yeah that’s what we mean)
– consumers who comment using social logins have a whopping 15 minutes 35 seconds average time on site – that’s pretty huge

Read on for more fun facts in this graphic, which Monetate produced through data from ExactTarget, Forrester Research, Gigya, Hubspot and Janrain.