New Dating Site Brings Committment Online – Hey, that’s ECommerce, folks!

There’s no shortage of dating sites available today. Their proliferation is perhaps one of the best examples of how digital our world has become. An estimated one in five new relationships today start from an online meeting. Meeting people in bars, at parties, during yoga class…apparently not as easy as meeting them online. Heck, you can screen nearly everything about them before you even have to endure the pain pleasure of an actual face-to-face encounter.

But it isn’t easy to sift through all the dating site options and harder yet to decide: for which one will you enter your card details and press the purchase button? How will you know that the men/women you meet will actually want a relationship or that they’ll just want, oh, you know… not that?!

These are certainly issues that any online marketer who works on a dating site must consider. How can we present our image to people that speaks to them in a way which promises to deliver what they’re after?

A new site,, offers a twist to online dating, claiming itself to be, “the anti-meat market dating site,” or, “the opposite of the one-night-stand dating sites on the market.” Its name alone screams committment. If that’s what you’re paying a monthly online dating service fee for, this may be your site. is designed exclusively for marriage-minded individuals, but is not for those who want to rush into the vows. Since its founders felt that online dating can be very time consuming and frustrating, with all the searching and filtering that comes with it, they wanted to create a community around one question: “What kind of relationship are you looking for?”

The site is run by a by a creative married couple, CEO Candy Tolentino and her husband and business partner, Josh Black. Tolentino says that when it comes to conventional online dating, separating recreational daters from those sincerely looking for love and meaningful relationships can be tricky. “Let’s be honest, meeting someone for the first time is fun,” she says. “The problem is that many daters want to keep that high, so they never allow themselves to get too serious, jumping from person to person online.” Tolentino says too many online daters are also looking specifically for one night stands or casual relationships, and that when it happened to her online, she wanted to do something about it.

So other than its mission statement, what does this innovative ecommerce venture offer? Member spotlights is one feature, video links is another, and personal blogs by users housed within the site is yet another factor that distinguishes

Oh, and for now, it’s free.

The big question remains: will this e-commerce venture be successful? We’ll have to check back in with Tolentino in a few months to find out.