New E-Retailer Series: Launches from Dr. Oz

A while back we had promised our loyal readers a series on new e-retailers and new technologies. We’ve had a few stories here and there, but we’re back in full swing now as there have been lots more exciting launches in recent weeks. Here’s to a newbie we’re excited to explore…

Renowned doctors Mehmet Oz and Michael Roizen have announced the launch of, a beauty and health online store that comes to us from existing site, launched about 10 months ago with the goal of helping women understand beauty and health together, from a scientific rather than a superficial perspective.

Now, with, the 10 million women who have become fans of will be able to purchase products that align with that same philosophy. The site claims it will only sell beauty and wellness products that “truly work,” by putting every product through a rigorous analysis led by a team of experts like cosmetic chemist Ni’kita Wilson.

The reason we like it is it’s a pretty genius, well-thought out plan from start to finish. We presume this was in the cards all along and we congratulate Oz and company for thinking of it: Start a website that will be an authority on healthy beauty and wellness, then once the loyalty to the site’s content is apparent, give its readers a chance to buy the products that align with your philosophy. Pretty brilliant, we think. plans to engage a select amount of visitors as product testers who will be sent samples based on their beauty profiles, then tasked with evaluating those products and sharing their thoughts and reviews. Customers will also eventually have access to scientific quizzes from in order to determine the best products for their needs. In other words, customers will take a quiz, determine what’s right and wrong for them, and then learn why.

We’ve submitted our email address and are anxiously awaiting more information…

UPDATE: We received an email from today apologizing for the confusion over the company’s offer of a “sample box” to customer’s signing up through the temporary landing page. Apparently, the offer was really for a coupon code via email after the company’s launch, which can be redeemed for a free sample box (a $10 value) with a first purchase of $30 or more. Already a gaff? Perhaps, but dealing with it promptly was definitely a plus!