A New Wave: Dynamic Creative Optimization for Targeting & Personalization

Today’s advertising experience is more dynamic than ever before. Companies specializing in dynamic creative optimization are helping businesses to understand the way that all elements of their advertising (including copy, product, image and call-to-actions) play to the micro-segments of their customers. Instead of just re-marketing across the board, companies are catering their messages to individual customers.

dynamic creative optimization

But targeting consumers can lead down some sticky paths. How do you do it and not be transparent? How can you really personalize ad messages without the consumer seeing right through you? It’s a thin line to walk across but the digital marketplace has basically made it impossible to compete if you don’t at least try.

Targeting and Personalization Challenges

Companies that want to create targeted advertising tackle issues of scalability and measurability. For instance, companies may have no problem identifying their marketing segments, but creating unique ads for each segment would result in an extraordinarily high ad spend. Also, companies need to know which parts of their advertising are resonating with their customers, not just what the click-through rates (CTR). That way, they will know how to recreate the experience in future ad campaigns. With dynamic creative optimization, companies have the tools they need to overcome these obstacles.

Different Strokes for Different Folks

Dynamic creative optimization allows companies to break apart online ads into their separate elements and then customize those elements to the individual customer. A travel agency, for example, instead of using generic copy about saving money on flights, could look at a customer’s geographic location or flight history and suggest trips to locations that will appeal to the user. A hardware store could use the customer’s IP address to identify the closest branch of its store and display the address and phone number to the customer. Copy, in these examples, changes according to customer data. Customers get a tailored message that makes them much more likely to buy.

Designing Ads that Click

Targeted advertising increases CTR rate significantly. Some statistics show that CTR jumps more than 100 percent when dynamic creative optimization is used instead of non-optimized advertising. Cost metrics drop an estimated 60 to 70 percent. That’s an eye-popping return on investment for any business, and it’s one of the major benefits of creating a dynamic campaign. Expect this exciting way of targeting advertising to be one of the top new developments in online marketing.