Brooks Brothers: Email Marketing & Segmentation’s ‘Low Hanging Fruits’

When we spoke to Jacquelyn Wosilius, Manager, Online Marketing Strategy, Brooks Brothers, she’d only been a month on the job and already had some AWESOME advice to impart about email marketing.

Why such a pro, so fast? She has a secret weapon up her sleeve: she comes from the “other side.” That is, the vendor side.

Jacquelyn learned quite a lot about the ins and outs of email marketing, how to manage large databases and how to effectively arrange and market to various segments.

At eTail Boston, she sat down with me to talk about how she is bringing her skills and knowledge as a former vendor to the retail side. It’s a unique perspective as not many marketers can say they’ve worked on the vendor side, and makes her knowledge highly appealing. In the brief video below, she reveals:

– The low-hanging fruit for successful email marketing
– The future for the channel
– How to avoid “Analysis Paralysis”
– How to capture email addresses in-store