Smile eTailers & Win a $200 Office Bfast or Bar Tab!

The eTail Team

So this is us – the eTail team. It’s Sunday night and we’ve just spent a long, hard day setting up for the conference which kicks off tomorrow in Boston. Some of us worked harder than others while some were stuck on a train most of the day. (Yes, trains lose power too.)

I digress…point is, we want to give you a warm welcome and introduce ourselves so everyone here at the show can find us easily. We are here for whatever you need, or happy to just say hello! And if you’re not here, don’t worry – we have a compensation prize for you, just keep reading…

From left to right we’ve got: Meghan Unger, Kelsey Thomas, Robert LaSalle, Josephine Andrews, Kelly Hushin (that’s me!), Chet Silverman, Lori Hawthorne, Sarah Cascone, Michelle Millard, Christy Lawson, and Jacqueline Auld. We’re missing our executive producer, Jarrett Spagnoli – but don’t worry – he’s here too. If you need anything at all don’t hesitate to come grab any one of us (plus a few more that weren’t here for the picture) and just ask.

Now, for all you retailers back home. We didn’t forget about you. In fact, we want to give you a reward for tuning in and following the action despite being stuck in the office. I know the picture above is nothing to write home about – no flash, no special costumes, etc. – and I have a feeling you can do better. Send in a picture of your ecommerce, marketing or digital team, and the best one will win a $200 bar tab or office breakfast – your choice! Get creative – even if your team only consists of two people, I won’t discriminate! Best (i.e., most creative, most fun, most awesome) pic wins!

So start snapping (hey, it’ll give you something fun to do today so you can stop being jealous of all the folks here) and start sending your photos to:

And keep following the blog, Facebook and Twitter throughout the day – we’ll have updates on all the happenings!