5 Ways to Get Your Message Re-Tweeted

by Melissa Fiorenza

Special to the eTail Blog

“New summer collection!”

“30% off sale!”

“Buy one, get one free!”

Whatever your news-worthy message, you’d prefer it to grace monitors for more than just a couple minutes before disappearing into Twitter purgatory, right? After all, what good is a tweet that doesn’t live a healthy social life? Retweets deliver more buzz, more followers and more traffic, and we can’t think of one retailer that doesn’t want that.

Fortunately, there are a few ways to maximize your tweet’s retweet-ability – without paying friends to relay your messages to their captive audiences. Apply these techniques going forward to up your chances of the spreading the news. That way, when your initial tweet does fall off, you can bet RTs are left.

1. Leave room.

Since many Twitter users still manually add “RT” and the @name before the tweet they’re intending to repeat, it’s a good idea to keep your message short and sweet—up to 120 characters to be exact. Though there’s no telling how determined your RT-ers are, it’s safe to assume the less work and editing they have to do, the more likely they are to follow through with the RT. To help with this, always use a link shortening service. Check out one social media blogger’s list of retweetable URL shorteners here.

2. Insert [creative, useful, informative] content here.

Ask yourself: Why do you RT something? Chances are it’s because it’s something you think your followers will find hilarious, helpful or genuinely interesting. Whether you’re crafting a tweet about the retailer’s products or services or the brand itself, try to hit at least two of these criteria. A few ideas that always seem to work include how to’s, breaking stories, contest news, freebies and deal alerts. See what’s being RT-ed right now at Retweetist.

3. Add a call to action.

Though the camps are split on this one, we’ve had much success with our retail clients by blatantly asking for a RT in the tweet itself. If you think your message is worthy of an echo heard ‘round the Twitterverse, add a ‘Please RT!’ to the beginning or end, or ‘spread the word!’ This is especially effective if you’re asking for help on a charitable campaign or cause.

4. Step right up!

Asking for a RT not working? Throw in a giveaway: “RT to enter to win…!” As long as your prize is believable and enticing, you’ll see RT’s pile in like tweens at a Justin Bieber concert. Just be sure you’re ready to secure and fulfill the promised prize. Extra tip: Add hashtags whenever applicable to get your tweets seen by more people. In this case, #prize, #giveaway and #contest can help it spread like wildfire.

5. Feed the sharks.

Know of a few Twitter users that usually RT or would be particularly interested in your message? Seek them out and let them know what you’ve got. For example: Say you have a great printable coupon for 20 percent off your online or in-store merchandise. Tweet it directly to those users known for alerting the masses about can’t-miss deals. If you hit the right targets, they could essentially do the work for you.

Retweets put your Twitter network to work for you – leveraging the exponential nature of social media to amplify your brand, reach new audiences and re-enforce the message with your existing audience. Take our advice – give your tweets this extra thought, and get the most out of your Twitter efforts.

Melissa Fiorenza is a Conversation Manager for Media Logic, where she oversees the social media spaces of various clients-including those in the entertainment, retail, and health care industries-by pitching content, writing copy, engaging the community and developing online promotional opportunities.  Melissa can be reached at mfiorenza@mlinc.com