The Big Content Merge – What do you think?

By now we’ve surely all heard about AOL’s purchase of Arianna Huffington’s increasingly infamous content hub, The Huffington Post, familiarly referred to simply as HuffPo. After the $315 million acquisition, everyone wanted to know how the merger would work, structurally.

Huffington Post homepage March 23, 2011

This week, news surfaced about AOL folding some 30 of its content brands in favor of existing brands which Huffington believes are stronger. Among the brands to be absorbed are Politics Daily (folded into HuffPost Politics), Walletpop (folded into Daily Finance), Urlesque (folded into HuffPost Comedy), Luxist (folded into Stylelist) and TV Squad (folded into AOL TV), according to a Forbes article.

This was surely inevitable in order for this merger to work logistically, but the question I have is: what does this mean for the importance of the site’s content going forward?

AOL has made a concerted effort to integrate better, more frequent content across its brands. HuffPo is all about content. But will there be more content now, or less? Has the merger forced the brands to look at online revenue generators more closely, as opposed to pure content? Or is online content a revenue generator for these brands?

I don’t know the answer and I have no opinion…yet. That’s why I’m curious curious to know yours. Please post below – I’m eager to hear thoughts/opinions/rants/what have you from the e-commerce community!