Win a $20 Starbucks card for the easiest thing you’ll do all day

As you may already know, we love comments on our blog and even more than that, we love subscribers. So we’re giving a big thank you via Starbucks for subscribing to our blog updates!

Every 50th subscriber to the eTail Blog will win a $20 Starbucks gift card. It’s as simple as that. So if you like coffee and you like multi-channel retail, enter your name into the subscribe bar at the right (you can’t miss it), confirm when you get the automatic Feedburner e-mail, and there you go – you’re set up for e-mail updates!

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Worried that you’ll get a million e-mails and you already have a bazillion? Don’t worry – you won’t. Our RSS will only e-mail you updates when there are updates, and only once a day. So if I’ve been a busy blogging bee and have posted three times in one day, you’ll only get one e-mail blast. Or if I’ve been a busy bee with something else and haven’t blogged at all, you won’t get an e-mail at all.

Pretty easy. Now all you have to do is subscribe – you’ll be happy you’re not missing a blog beat.