Webinar Alert: Watch our On-Site Search Webinar here – again or for the first time!

Right after the long holiday break, eTail hosted a special webinar on site-search with BabyAge.com and MarketingSherpa. We had a great turn out, but we know some of you were probably still recouping from the break, reluctantly settling into your desk chairs, wishing you were back in front of the fireplace or Christmas Tree. (Or perhaps you were glad to be back in the office – away from the shrill voices of Mom and Grandma in the same room for more than four minutes – now we know why the turn out was so great!)

But really, we wanted to bring you the webinar again, here, whether you missed it or not, because it was really a good one. Jack Kiefer, Founder and CEO, BabyAge.com, took us through a case study of what he and his company experienced when trying to better its on-site search capabilities. And Dan Burstein, Editorial Director, MarketingSherpa, presented some findings about successes and failures when retailers tried to optimize their on-site search. There was lots of audience participation and a great dialogue between our panelists. You’ll see it all below, and hopefully it will teach you a thing or two that will help your multi-channel business.