MercadoLibre, Latin America’s answer to eBay, on how the region will become a global e-retail force

E-commerce is in no way a U.S.-centric phenomenon. In fact, other regions around the world are picking up speed in their e-commerce pursuits, recognizing that online shopping is not a trend, it’s a new way of life that may eventually replace the old – or at least seriously support it.

At about $2.7 billion, Mexico’s e-commerce currently makes up about 1.5 percent of the country’s overall retail sales, a number that’s quickly growing as e-retailers like MercadoLibre pave the way for brick and mortar stores trying to catch up with fast-moving technology and even faster moving tech-savvy consumers. The region’s main e-commerce challenge is ease of use, a skill many American websites have mastered, said Francisco Ceballos, Country Manager and VP of MercadoLibre, in the below podcast. Here, Francisco talks about how advances will be made and what Latin America needs in order to become a major global e-commerce force.