Kardashian’s pushing mobile commerce?

Announcing the launch of a Kardashian pre-paid MasterCard today, the three sisters are showing their support for mobile commerce. On Kim Kardashian’s site “she” writes:

“I am so excited to reveal to you guys that KourtneyKhloe and I have partnered with Mobile Resource Card to create our very own Kardashian Prepaid Mastercard.

To me, the coolest thing about this prepaid card is that when you get the card you also get a Mobile Mone account for free and you can transfer your money between your accounts when you need it, using your phone. It’s like having an ATM in your phone, LOL. No one likes going to banks and ATMs and we’re constantly on our phones, so why not make it easy to manage your money from your mobile!?”

Kardashian Launch Prepaid Mastercard Mobile Resource Debit Card

While most of the post’s comments include versions of “We love you Kim,” and “You look pretty in your photos,” there are a few sprinkles of appreciation for the push to m-commerce the card will provide.

Is she right?

Is “everyone constantly on their phones” and are we ready to forgo an ATM trip?

And is Kim Kardashian the person who will make us do so?