Groupies wanting groups: Facebook, Facebook, FACEBOOK!

The big FB is everywhere, isn’t it?

We’ve all known that for a while now. And with with Social Network coming out, it’s even more everywhere, if more everywhere is possible.

I’m going to see it next week and look forward to reporting back on my thoughts.

But on another Facebook note, the company has just announced a new initiative. The site is now letting users interact in small groups through a feature called Groups, where users will be able to control who sees what a bit more and better connect with groups of people like family, high school/college friends, similar interest groups or colleagues.

According to Mark Zuckerberg, as he is quoted in this article, Groups is a simple concept but wasn’t easy to execute and that only about five percent of current FB users actually take advantage of the ability to create lists of friends who are privy to certain profile information. The new Groups feature will allow anyone to create a group and include other people. Once the group has been created, users can upload info only to that group and also chat with everyone in the group simultaneously.

With all these new groups emerging, will that mean better online ad targeting on FB? I can only imagine so.