Video Interview: Jack Kiefer,, on new ways e-retailers must think now

While search is still important for e-retailers to focus on and understand, they really need to look ahead past just search, says Jack Kiefer, founder of are plenty of other topics that need addressing in e-commerce, he says. For instance, technology is always an issue, but what’s a big problem in the e-commerce space is that people are buying “nuggets” of a solution, when “really we need end-to-end product solutions,” says Kiefer.

Here, he talks more about these topics as well as some of those forward-looking ideas which he plans to implement with the site, such as “The Word of Mom,” which will aim to get the resident “moms” of a community to become advocates for brands sold on It’s one of many ideas Kiefer plans to see through in the years ahead. Listen to him here amid the chatter of the eTail exhibit hall: