Tamar Koifman: How to use Facebook ‘Like,’ location-based marketing & Twitter for customer service

Particularly for luxury brands, social media can be a head scratch-er. How can a luxury brand effectively use the different social offerings out there without compromising its brand image? It’s easy to say “We need to be on Facebook,” but for a brand like Luis Vuitton, what does “being on Facebook” really mean and how will its customers receive that?

Tamar Koifman is a social media guru and she consults big luxury brands on just this topic. At the Luxury Interactive conference in New York this past June, she led a special workshop on social media for brands. Below, we have a few clips from her presentation. First, she outlines six opportunities in social media, starting with Facebook and the growing popularity of the “Like” button:

Next, she talks about location-based marketing and how Louis Vuitton promoted the opening of its London store by running a Foursquare campaign about what to do and where to go in London:

And this last clip shows her talking about how Twitter can be a fantastic customer service tool, as was demonstrated by Marriott when a customer tweeted that he was unhappy with his room:

Thanks for all the great info, Tamar!

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