A fun lunch-break diversion for any Law & Order fan

So when you work in NYC, particularly in midtown, right next to Grand Central Terminal, cool things are bound to happen.

Like the filming of Law & Order SVU.

We had to duck out and catch a glimpse and thought we’d share with you. Plus, we love to see where other people work, and thought you might like that too.

In fact, we’d love to know what happens in and around your office? Perhaps you’re in NYC, or Hollywood, or Chicago, or a town we’ve never heard of? Send us what’s happening and we’ll post the most interesting submission!

In the meantime, before you watch this Law & Order filming snoop, I must warn you that the video is somewhat anti-climactic in that a Mariska Hargitay’s or a Christopher Meloni’s may or may not be caught on camera…

They WERE spotted we tell you!