Personalization in advertising: friend or foe?

Interesting take on the idea of personalization and re-marketing that we keep going on about.

When can/does it become too much to handle? How can an e-retailer avoid it being too noticeable to the consumer and no longer transparent? How will e-retailers successfully use these techniques to attract new customers and not freak out their existing ones?

As with most things, it’s about balance. In my humble opinion, there must be a happy medium achievable between “stalking” people with items, as the above article mentions, and suggesting purchases through thought-out targeted ads. For instance, if I’m looking at a beautiful Cole Haan purse and I move to another website – perhaps I should see ads for stores similar to Cole Haan in varying price brackets. Or ads for products at Cole Haan that match the style of purse I was looking at. Then it’s a bit more subtle, no?

Surely this is easier said than done, but it’s possible and some companies are probably doing it already. Are you one of them?