Isn’t this new UrbanDaddy dashboard the coolest?

Ok so when it comes to social networking and e-commerce combined, one of my favorites is UrbanDaddy.

Friday, they launched “The Dashboard.” I’m still playing around with it so admittedly I don’t really know exactly what it is. But from what I see, I am so super intrigued and think it’s pretty much awesome. It’s sponsored by Grey Goose and thus a great example of a brand that’s ahead of the social commerce curve. Plug in your city and play around with it.

It’s sort of like a little game and it has some funky music to accompany it. I’m hearing a lot lately about how game theory could play into e-commerce. Still just a buzz, but could be more soon. I had the luxury of being on a MAC using Chrome and it looked great, but now I’m on IE and it still looks super rad. Here’s a shot of how it looks. Cool, right?