Infographic Alert: How Amazon Stole Christmas

Consumers have a warm fuzzy feeling about Amazon this time of year,
But for Marketers, on the other hand, it’s a site that they fear.
The multichannel options that marketers plot out in the fall,
Seem to be undone by the superstore, whose heart is “two sizes too small.”

An infographic by Marketlive shows why consumers click through,
and the statistics, you’ll find, show why their “Grinch” title rings true.
Amazon consumers expect to pay less for more,
with 87% checking prices online, 73% checking while shopping in-store.

More stats from the controversial graphic are listed below,
It may be hard to swallow, but it’s better to be in the know:

-Consumers may shop on Amazon to avoid waiting in queue, but 24% said paying full price just wouldn’t do.
90% of shoppers base their loyalty on price;
You’ll get good deals on Amazon whether you’re naughty or nice.
86% check product availability prior to visiting a store;
consumers do the same with a few clicks on Amazon… who could ask for more?

The full graphic shows why marketers are left in the dust,
Check it out below… it’s really a must!