Video Alert: AT&T on Being Customer-Obsessed (not just Customer-Centric)

The thing about being customer centric in 2013 is that it’s really not enough anymore.

Today, in an age of omni-channel marketing, we need to do more. We need to be customer-obsessed.

That was the theme of our eTail West conference this past year, and AT&T’s David Watkins, agreed that this is the way forward.

Watkins, the company’s Product Marketing Manager of E-Commerce, said that it’s easy to think you know what the customer wants, but it’s harder to actually know – meaning you’ve actually measure it, followed their path, and developed a strategy to meet them where they are.

“You may think you know what’s right, but the customer is going to lead you to the right path at the end of the day,” he said. “The struggle is understanding that person. It’s easy to collect the data, but what do you do what that data? How do you shape it into something actionable.”

In the below interview, Watkins cites examples of how companies can deliver on this idea of customer-obsessed service with features like in-store wifi. But still, the key in those features is that it works. If you promise in-store wifi, but it doesn’t work, or is clunky, you’re not only disappointing customers, you’re potentially dissuading them from coming back.

Check out the quick interview for a few points Watkins makes about being customer obsessed in an omni-channel universe.